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Here at The Buzz Hookah, our goal is to provide an experience you will not forget. Come smoke hookah, listen to a variety of music, and make new friends. We want you feel as if this is your place... We're just here to serve you.


The idea behind The Buzz Hookah has existed for more than 7 years. It

started as a conversation point between young, eager, penniless college

students. It even went as far as writing an agreement on a napkin at Village

Inn at 4 in the morning that we would start a hookah cafe. Our signutures

were our thumb prints and our ink was jelly. Many years later, with the

opening of The Buzz Hookah, this idea has manifested itself into reality.

Special thanks to God and to our family and friends. Without their love and

support, we would not be successful.



Q: What is Hookah?


 A: Hookah is a single or multi-stemmed instrument for vaporizing and smoking flavored 

tobaccocalled shisha in which the vapor or smoke is passed through a water basin ‒

often glass-based ‒ before inhalation. The origin of the waterpipe is from the time of

the Safavid dynasty in Persia (Iran), from where it eventually spread to the east

into India during that time. The hookah also soon reached Egypt and the Levant 

during the Ottoman dynastyfrom neighbouring Safavid Iran, where it became

very popular and where the mechanism was later perfected. The word hookah

is a derivative of "huqqa", an Arabic term. Outside its native region, smoking the

hookah has gained popularity in North America, South America, Europe, Australia, Southeast Asia, Tanzania, and South Africa, largely due to immigrants from the Levant, where it is especially popular, who introduce it to younger people.


Q: What is Shisha?


A: Shisha is a syrupy tobacco mix with molasses and fruit flavoring as moisturizer and specific flavors added to it. Typical flavors of shisha include apple, grape, guava, lemon, mint, as well as many other fruit based mixes. 

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